About Joba.co the job search engine

Will Peavy, owner of Joba.co

What is Joba.co?
Joba.co is designed to make it easy for jobseekers to find jobs, and easy for hiring managers to post job openings.

Who runs Joba.co?
Will Peavy created this site, and has been running it since 2011, from Florida, USA. You can write to Will at jobs@joba.co

How do you pronounce Joba.co?
"job - uh - dot - coe"

What countries do you have jobs for?
- USA: joba.co
- UK: uk.joba.co
- Canada: ca.joba.co

Does Joba.co have a privacy policy?
Yes, our policy is simple: Joba.co doesn't store any personal information on jobseekers while they view our site. However, if you post a job on Joba.co, or apply for a job posted on Joba.co, we will ask for your name and email address, and we will use your name and email address only for communication about the relevant job posting -- we will never sell or distribute your email address to any marketers or spammers or anything of that nature.

Is Joba.co connected with other sites?
Yes. For example, when you post a job on Joba.co, it will optimized for Google job search results (see google.com/search?q=joba.co). Job ads posted to Joba.co will also be promoted on our relevant social media pages. Here are some of the social media channels we run: